How and when my data is deleted?

Updated 2 weeks ago by Łukasz Korecki

Our application handles deletes in two ways - when feedback is deleted manually (via delete button) we remove the data from our search index. Then after two weeks we permanently delete the feedback from our durable data store. This two week waiting period is in place so that we can recover any accidental deletions.

Similarly, feedback deleted by automation rules is hidden from the searchable data but still present in the index. If the data remains deleted for more than 2 months we then proceed to delete it permanently. This difference in behavior comes from the requirement of automatically deleting data coming from integrations and bringing it back if rule conditions are met. See this documenation page for more information.

Taking all of that into account data can be immediately and permanently deleted at request. You can request to delete specific data or all of your data via email to Furthermore, when your account is closed or your free trial expires - all account data will is deleted within 24 hours.

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