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There's a better and more flexible way of connecting your Salesforce data - see more here.

Salesforce API Access Only following editions of Salesforce have API enabled:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition

(You can find more information in Salesforce documentation)

Importing your Salesforce data

Great, now you can import details about your customers and their feedback from Salesforce.

Salesforce integration At the moment we are importing from your Salesforce account Cases, Notes, Calls and Contact's details. 

Case: We import all Cases which have attached at least one Incoming Email message. The thread of email messages belonging to a single Case will be converted into a single document in NomNom. At the moment we import most of the base fields for Case and stored those as document metadata. We support custom fields for Cases. 

Note: We import all notes attached directly to Contact or Account. For each note, we import the Title and Body of Note as well the details about connected Contact/Account. 

Call: We import all call tasks which were logged to Contact or Account. At the moment we import most of the base fields for Call task and stored those as document metadata. We support custom fields for Calls. 

Contact: If any of the documents above is attached to Contact we will import the basic details about your Contact and its Account details. We support custom fields for Contacts and Accounts. 

Custom Fields: If you would like some of your custom fields to be imported to NomNom please get in touch with us.

Too much/too little data Salesforce allows many ways how to gather customer feedback and we are constantly improving our functionality to support various salesforce objects. In case you feel like we are fetching unuseful salesforce data you can setup rule to discard all data coming from one of the salesforce sources ('salesforce-case', 'salesforce-note', 'salesforce-call'). In case you want to import other objects from Salesforce, please get in touch with us!

How to connect your Salesforce account

To connect your Salesforce account to NomNom follow these steps:

  1. Go to Upload > Integrations and click on ‘SALESFORCE (BETA)’:

  2. Click on Connect button:

  3. Once you click 'Connect', you’ll be sent to your team’s Salesforce account log-in screen. 

    Just fill in your log-in details and you’ll have a new screen asking you to grant access to NomNom.

    Click 'Yes, grant access':

  4. After granting access to Nomnom, you’ll be sent back to your account where you should now see Salesforce as active!

Wait a minute for Salesforce to integrate! We are using Bulk API to import your data. It should take just a few minutes to import your data. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait :)
If you don't see Salesforce in your document sources after connecting. Something extraterrestrial might be going on...👽 Just repeat the steps above, and make sure
  • you are connecting correct Salesforce account
  • you have the correct privileges to access data you want to import
  • you are using API version 39.0 and above (here is how to find your salesforce API version
  • you have some of the objects present
    • Cases which have incoming Email message attached
    • Notes attached to Contact or Account
    • Call logged for Contact or Account
Got another issue? Just hit us up on !
Number of documents limited during your trial. During your trial, we sync up to 5000 of the most recent Cases (5000 Calls, 500 Notes resp.) from Salesforce. If you upgrade to a paid account, we then retrieve all of your data.
New Cases and updated Cases will always be synchronized.

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