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Connecting the integration

Navigate to the account integrations area, select Satismeter and click on the "connect with Satismeter" button

In the next step you'll be asked to (optionally) log in and authorize the connection:

You'll be sent back to your NomNom account. To complete the setup you have to select at least one Satismeter project to start fetching the feedback data:

After connecting at least one project - you're all set!

What data do we fetch?

All written responses will be fetched into NomNom along with the NPS score converted to sentiment.

  • Detractor feedback (score from 0 to 6) will be marked as negative
  • Promoter feedback (score from 9 to 10) will be marked as negative
  • Passives are marked as neutral

Additionally, NomNom will fetch all associated user data from the customer who provided the feedback:

  • their name
  • email
  • and any custom attributes sent to Satismeter directly or via their integration with Segment

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