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How to connect your Zendesk account

To connect your Zendesk account to NomNom follow these steps:

  1. First, go to your Zendesk > Account settings > Channel ?API section to grab your API details:

    Please note: API Access Only Zendesk Admins or Agents can access the API. It's not available to Light Agents.
  2. Once in, grab or create the following details:

    Name for the connection: This can be the name of your product or your company. This will especially help you if you are connecting multiple Zendesk accounts.

    Account Subdomain: The subdomain of your Zendesk account. If your Zendesk url is http://apples-and-oranges.zendesk.com you need to input only apples-and-oranges here.

    Full URL will not work!.

    Your Zendesk E-Mail: The email address of the Zendesk agent which has access to the Zendesk API

    API token: API Tokens can be found in the Account Admin > Channels > API section.

    If you already have an API token you can use that one or you can create a new one for NomNom.

    When done - keep those details handy, you'll need them in a second.

  3. Now go to NomNom > Account area > Integrations and click on Zendesk**.

  4. Fill in the name, subdomain, email and API token and click 'Connect'. You're all set!

    NomNom will need a few minutes to fetch all your data.
    Be patient, good things come to those who wait :)

    If you don't see Zendesk in your sources Just repeat the steps above, and make sure your API details were filled in correctly. Got another issue? Just hit us up on hey@nomnom.it !

What data do we sync

If you connect your zendesk account we will import all closed tickets which has some feedback present from customer. This can be customer reply on ticket, comment left as part of rating.

For all the tickets with customer feedback we import

  • ticket conversation
  • ticket metadata as status, tags
  • ticket custom fields
  • satisfaction rating including the rating reason and comment

User properties
For each zendesk end-user whose feedback (ticket) was imported to NomNom we also import the details about the user and its organization. Those data are then available via document user properties.

Number of documents limited during your trial. During your trial we sync up to 5000 of the most recent documents from Zendesk. If you upgrade to a paid account, we then retrieve all of your data.
New tickets will be always synchronised.

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