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Let's connect your emails to NomNom!

Your NomNom account comes with a unique email address, meaning you can forward emails from your inbox straight to NomNom.

How to forward emails: Simply go to your Account area > Integrations. Click on the Email icon, which will generate your unique email address. You can forward any relevant emails to this address and let NomNom get insights for you. It will take a few minutes for your email to load into NomNom.

Forwarding via contact

You can add "NomNom Feedback" up as a new contact in your email client, as it will make it quicker and easier to forward emails to NomNom on a regular basis.

Tip: You can add tags to the email by adding hashtags in the subject of the email.

Forwarding via Gmail alias

You can set up an alias in Gmail to automatically forward messages to your NomNom account. This makes it easier for your colleagues to send customer feedback as they don't have to save a new contact. For example, you can add a new Gmail user with email and forward all emails to your NomNom email address:

With custom email sources (see below) you can setup multiple aliases like this.

Things to do when setting up Gmail alias
  • Make sure to disable "send email notification" preference in email integration settings - otherwise your forwarding will get into a loop!
  • When setting up the forwarding, Gmail will send a confirmation message to your forwarding address. In this case this will create a new document in your NomNom account. To find it search for "automatically forward email" and click the link in the document to finish the setup.

Custom email source

You can create custom email source when forwarding emails. By adding a +source-name suffix to your forwarding address we will create a custom source, separate from default email source.

For example if your forwarding email address is then all messages forwarded to that address will have default source of email.

If you change the email address to then documents forwarded to this address will have source email - business-data

This way you can separate emails being forwarded from different departments or customers.

Custom email addresses in G Suite (Google Apps Gmail)

If you don't want to share private forwarding address or if you want to make it easier for your colleagues to send feedback you can set up a number of aliases in your own hosted Gmail instance in G Suite (aka Google Apps).

This way forwarding address becomes more memorable and with custom sources you can create multiple, user-friendly addresses. Let's go through the setup!


Create 2 aliases for sending feedback to NomNom:


Any email sent to these 2 addresses will be automatically forwarded to NomNom with a custom source added.

To make following changes you will need administrator level permissions or you can ask your G Suite administrator. It takes only couple of minutes to setup!

Open your email integration page to have the sharing email accessible. Let's assume that your forwarding email is

Go to G Suite Admin interface and open left hand menu:

Select Apps and then Gmail. In next screen scroll to the bottom and select Advanced Settings:

In advanced settings scroll all the way to Routing section. Find Recipient Address Map setting and press Configure:

Now you can create your aliases. In this exercise you have to give the following input:,,

When done with adding aliases add a description ("Forward feedback to NomNom") and press SAVE. Then hit SAVE again, on the bottom of the screen:

That's it! Your colleagues can now start sending/forwarding emails to and and NomNom will apply correct sources to them. #tags in subject lines are also supported as well as image attachments.

Need help? Drop us a line in the chat widget in the application or email us on

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