Cleaning your data

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Here you will learn everything you need to know to clean your data in NomNom 💡

  Important NomNom imports only 5K historical conversations from each integration you connect during your free trial but once you become a customer NomNom will start importing all your historical data.
Regardless of your trial status NomNom will fetch any new conversations created after integrations were connected.

Once all your data is in your account you may notice that some documents are more helpful than others and that you may have noisy data you want to get rid off.

You can get rid of noisy data using Rules.You can fully automate manual processes like deleting data or stopping feedback with specific keywords or tags from getting into your account.

How do I create a Rule?

You can create rules from your search area. Simply enter a query that will return the documents you want to permanently delete. Once you are happy with the search results, click on 'Create Rule' button and select the action -Delete documents - Existing and new documents-

👉For example, the rule bellow deletes messages that contain the keywords Automatic-reply, out of office, automatic reply or come from emails that start with no-reply.


"out of office" or "automatic reply" or "automatic-reply" or user:email:no-reply@*

Action Delete documents - Existing and new documents

Protip Your query defines the conditions the documents need to match in order to be deleted.

Here are a couple of additional examples:

The rule bellow deletes messages that contain feedback coming from Intercom that also has a tag called spam


source:Intercom and tag:spam

Action = Delete documents - Existing and new documents

The one below deletes feedback uploaded from spreadsheets that contain the keywords June survey results or London


source:spreadsheet and ("June survey results" or "London")

Action = Delete documents - Existing and new documents

Rules and integrations - reacting to updates

Let's say that you want to import only Zendesk tickets or Intercom conversations with a specific tag (product-feedback or product-issue).

You can create a rule with the following conditions:


source:zendesk and not (tag:product-feedback or tag:product-issue)

You can decide to keep existing data and apply this rule only to new documents.

Now whenever a new ticket from Zendesk comes in and it it's not tagged with product-feedback or product-issue it will be deleted.

As soon as either of the tags is added in Zendesk (by a support agent or a macro) our system will pick up that change and make that document searchable again.

NomNom's full query language and filters help you create rules which will quickly remove unwanted feedback.

If you have any questions or need help creating rules. Please get in touch, we will be happy to help!

👉If you have any questions, please click on the contact button on the right hand side of this page or on the live chat icon at the bottom of this screen 💬

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