Google Single Sign On

Updated 1 year ago by Sofia Quintero

Google Single Sign On makes it easier for your colleagues to join your NomNom team.
After connecting your NomNom account with your Google apps domain you can delegate identity and authentication to our single sign-on mechanism

Google SSO is only available in paid plans


To link NomNom and your Google Apps account go to account section. Below your team members list you will find the following setting:

After clicking on Sign in with Google you'll be taken to Google account selector. Pick the one which matches your organization's.

Regular Google (Gmail) accounts are not supported

After selecting an account you'll be taken back to NomNom and see which domain got associated.


From now on anyone any colleague from your Google Apps domain (in this example will be able to sign in or join your NomNom team using Sign in with Google link straight from our login page.

User allowance included in your plan is still taken into account. If your NomNom team exceeds your limit new users won't be able to join via Google or be invited.

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