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Let's connect your Typeform account, and sync your survey results straight into NomNom!

Connecting Typeform

Got to Integrations section in your account, then click on Typeform and finally Connect with Typeform

You'll be taken to the authentication screen where you have to authorize the connection. After accepting you'll be taken back to NomNom. It's time to synchronize some data!

Configuring data synchronization

Click on Select Survey to select and configure how you want your survey data synchronized. Once set up NomNom will periodically check for new responses to a survey, fetch them and format them according to the mapping of your choosing.

    Select a survey you'd like to synchronize

    You can configure as many surveys as you want.

    You are now presented with a preview of the survey. 

    Each column represents a question in given Typeform and each row represents answers given when filling out the form. Select the columns you'd like to synchronize. Depending on the type of the question, we will suggest what type of mapping you can choose. 

    The possible choices are:

    Document attributes

    • content - will map to the document content, it will be preceded by the question title, at least one has to be selected
    • tags - will be mapped to content, only multiple choice questions can be represented as tags
    • properties (text and date) - will map to document properties, the property name will be the question and property value will be mapped from the answer
    • sentiment - sentiment can come from rating fields, we can infer sentiment from ratings on 10 point or 5 point scale. If your rating question doesn't fit these scales, best to map it as a document property
    • creation date will be taken from the time the form has been submitted

    Customer attributes

    • email - email of the user, it has to be selected to be able to fetch the rest of the user attributes
    • name - the name of the user
    • company name - the name of the company user works for
    • property (number, date, and text) - field can be mapped to user properties

    User data will be synchronized and merged with other user data already present in the system. Additionally each row with 'email' field mapped will be associated with given user.

    Once your're happy with your mapping, you can preview it in the last step:

    If everything looks good - hit "Import Survey". Your results will show up in few minutes.

    Changes to a Typeform survey configuration   If you change questions in any of the linked surveys NomNom will stop synchronizing them as it won't be able to use your old mapping. We will send you an email notification when that happens

    Updating or changing form mapping

    In case you want to change how a form is imported you have two choices:

    • click on the trashcan icon to completely remove the mapping along with any data fetched so far and start over
    • clicko n the pencil icon to edit current mapping, once mapping is updated only new responses will be processed according to that mapping, already fetched form answers will remain untouched in NomNom

    If you have any questions, please use the support widget or email us at support@nomnom.it

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