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Let's connect your Typeform account, and sync your survey results straight into NomNom!

To connect your Typeform account to NomNom follow these steps:

  1. First, go to Typeform > My Account: Here you will find your API Key. Copy it then head back to NomNom.

  2. Now go to NomNom > Account area > Integrations and click Typeform.

  3. Congrats, Typeform is connected! You can now select surveys results you want to see in NomNom.


You can connect as many surveys as you want NomNom can import data from any survey in your Typeform account, including the ones which don't have any answers - as soon as your customers add answers we will sync them to your NomNom account
  1. Select a Survey.
    1. Go to Typeform integration settings and click on "Select Survey"

    2. Select survey which you want to synchronize:

  2. Select survey which you want to synchronize:

  3. Map which columns you wish to import.

    Net Promoter Scores If you have NPS (Net-Promoter Score) in your survey results, than you can import the scores into NomNom as Sentiment. Let us know which column contains NPS in the mapping stage.
  4. Preview your results & validate!

    This is how results will appear inside NomNom. If any column is mapped as "NPS" it will become the sentiment for the document.

    You should repeat this process for any other surveys you want to connect.

NomNom has now synced your survey! Don't worry about having to import new results every time. We do that for you!
IMPORTANT: Edits to a Typeform survey If you change questions in any of the linked surveys NomNom will stop synchronizing them as it won't be able to use your old mapping. You'll have to remove and link changed survey again. Don't worry - NomNom will ensure that no duplicate data will be created.

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