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Here you will learn how to connect Slack to NomNom so that you can add customer feedback from any Slack channel to your NomNom account.

First, connect your NomNom account with Slack. You will find it in

Sharing from Slack to NomNom

You can send customer feedback from any Slack channel to NomNom

Public channels only At the moment bot will work only in public channels. Supporting private channels as well as direct messages is on our roadmap

After connecting Slack to NomNom, invite @nombot user to any Slack channel from which you'd like to start sending feedback:

To send feedback mention the bot followed by word add and feedback you want to send.
For example:

@nombot add I think you guys are doing an amazing job!

This will create a new document in NomNom with content "I think you guys are doing an amazing job". The bot will now start a thread and ask you follow up questions about:

  • the subject of the document
  • tags
  • email of the user who gave the feedback (not the submitter of the feedback!)

These questions are optional, you can ignore them by replying with skip. After NomBot has finished asking questions, any message sent to the thread will append that new message to the NomNom document created in in the first step. See below:

That's it. Now, all your team members can send customer feedback right into your NomNom account without leaving Slack.

You can invite Nombot to as many channels as you like.

This is the first version of NomBot. Your feedback will help us make it better. Please get in touch with suggestions, feedback or ideas using this email

Read more about sharing to Slack from NomNom

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