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Let's connect your Promoter account!

Once your account is connected, we will sync all your historic data and new responses will be added to NomNom as they come to Promoter. We will also import any tags that are added to the document.

The sentiment is assigned based on the score of the responses. See below:

Sentiment ratings from scores.
  • Postive => 9-10
  • Neutral => 7-8
  • Negative => 0-6

Now, let's grab your Promoter API key

  1. First, go to your Promoter Account > Click on Settings in the drop-down on your name > Click on API:
  2. In the API section, copy your API Key: Once done - keep those details handy, you'll need them for the next step.

  3. Now go to NomNom > Account area > Integrations and click on ‘Promoter’:
  4. Paste the API Key you copied from Promoter and click "connect". It may take a couple of minutes to get all your NPS data in NomNom

Congratulations, your account is now connected. 🎊

Updates after you connect

  • We sync new data from Promoter once a day.
  • We only show customer responses with comments (we will not store responses with NPS scores without comments)
  • We sync updates to tags 7 days after feedback was submitted (e.g if you get feedback on Monday and tag it within Promoter on Friday you will see the tag update. If you tag it any later than 7 days the new tag won't sync, this is due to the limitation in Promoter API.

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